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Crime comes in many flavors and the emotional toll it has can be devastating.

Claudia Lopez is the Founder and President of CLO Consulting Group- a company committed to raising awareness in individuals (adults, teens, children), groups and businesses with safety training and consulting services, on how to stay safe in a technological world. 


 As a 12- year law enforcement veteran, she is aware of how technology is being used by criminals to  squander people out of their hard-earned money, assets, emotions and personal information. The deception is initiated through vast manipulation of feelings that can range from anything that involves: love, threats, fear, familiarity, loneliness, or any other attempt to elicit emotion.  This leaves most people embarrassed, ashamed and confused, regarding the necessary steps they

can take to educate, protect and empower themselves. 


 In pursuit of a more balanced society, the services of CLO Consulting Group will help provide the educational component that can help build a more informed and safe society.  As technology continues to advance, so does the opportunity for you to become a target.

Want to experience the expertise of CLO Consulting Group for yourself? Contact us today and let’s discuss an array of solutions to empower you!

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