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SCAMS come in many flavors and the emotional toll they have on the victim, business, or second-hand suffering of their family members, employees and friends, can be devastating.  In our experience the propensity of being re-victimized is very common.

AGING IN A WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY (click to read more)

Technology has made life easier. A click allows us to send money in seconds from our cell phone, create online profiles for financial accounts, pay any kind of bill, and even find love. But we are creatures of habit and change is not always well received.  This could lead to financial exploitation and it's a trend that is affecting people over the age of 65.      

Crime is driven by opportunity and crime decreases if the opportunity to commit the crime is reduced or eliminated. CLO Consulting Group will look at how the existing environment can be changed to work against crime by eliminating criminal opportunities in and around your property, business, and place of worship. The objective is to make your property a less appealing target.

The days of playing outdoors that most of us might have remembered have been replaced by different types of devices that require very little human contact.  It is not surprising to see a five- year-old with a cell phone or tablet that can connect them to a world not concerned with their age group.  Naturally, most parents want to give their child the best they can by equipping them with the most up to date cell phone, computer, or gaming system.  However, the thought of online threats was most likely not taken into consideration when deciding which gadget to purchase.  At CLO Consulting we combine our experience and skills to raise awareness of the on-line threats that only continue to be ever growing challenges to parents.  We are confident this information will provide you with a better understanding of on-line risks and trends and will equip you with the tools to avoid becoming a victim.

When people first learn they are victims of identity theft, they are not sure what to do and, in some cases, feel that filing a police report should take care of the situation. But the fact is that you actually need to invest time to resolve the impact that specific kind of identity theft is having on your finances or reputation.  Unfortunately, identity theft issues do not get resolved overnight.  CLO Consulting Group can provide you with tips on how you can take back control of your identity and help minimize the impact.

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